Coconut Creamed

This is the ‘cream the la cream of the vegan organic coconut creames. Sweet, soft and easy to use in your curries!

Pineapple Pieces

Lazy to cut your own sweet pineapple? Try our organic pieces! Add it to you curry, pizza our salad and it definitely sweet up your dish.

Pineapple Rings

Hungry for something different? Try our pineapple rings! It has a distinct aroma and a very intense sweet taste. Perfect for curries, pizza and stews.! Pure nature without added sugars.

Coconut Milk Light

This guar gum-free coconut milk with only 9% fat, and 100% flavour is made by organic farmers in Sri Lanka. It’s the perfect combination for adding creamy coconut flavor to your dish while making a lighter choice.

Coconut milk 500 ML Tetra Pack

Meet our 500ml Tetra Pack of Sri Lankan – guar gum free – organic coconut milk. Elevate your dishes with tropical flair. Go coco-nuts with us for convenience and flavour!

Coconut Milk 400 ML

Get ready to elevate your dishes with our 400ml can of organic coconut milk from Sri Lanka! This creamy delight adds a tropical twist to your smoothies or curry creations. Embrace a taste of pureness.

Coconut Milk 200 ML

Feeling coco-nuts? Enjoy this creamy organic Coconut Milk. This smaller pack is the perfect fit for smaller households.

Rice Paper

At Amaizin, we’re head over heals for rice paper. It’s the versatile sidekick in the kitchen, ready to party in a variety of dishes. Want to play it classic? Roll up your sleeves and create a spring roll masterpiece. Feeling more adventurous? Fry these sheets into a crunchy snack.