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Even people without gluten intolerance love these
Crispy news coming in:
the best gluten-free sweet treat that everyone can get excited about is finally here

Do you ever rummage through the cupboards checking biscuit packaging in a frenzy when you’ll be having company that eats gluten-free and/or vegan? Or, at the opposite side of the split-screen, worry that because you don’t eat gluten or animal products your host possibly snatched some bland, dusty, tasteless biscuits from the ‘health’ aisle in the supermarket that you’ll have to politely dunk in your tea, coffee or matcha? Well, good news for all, because those days are over!

Here at Amaizin we came up with a vegan and gluten-free sweet treat recipe to make your mouth water. We humbly but truly believe that these Coco Crispy Rolls, delicate as they are, deliciously solve two common issues: what to serve as a fun sweet treat whether you do or don’t eat gluten and how to avoid a gluten-free biscuit that is boring and doesn’t have great flavour or texture. These awesome coconutty rolls contain just a few great ingredients that make for an excellent, light and crispy sweet snack: coconut milk, rice flour, cassava flour, cane sugar and for the chocolate version we just added cocoa mass. All ingredients are farmed organically and our sunny packaging is made with care for the environment. Snacking is guilt-free in so many ways with these gluten-free vegan Coco Crispy Rolls; whatever your choice of food pattern is, this sweet treat is really for all of us!

PS You know how you also just want to crush these sweet crispy rolls as a topping on your overnight oats or dessert? No judgment here, just love…

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